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Fashion Clothings

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    Date: Monday, November 22, 2010
    Time: 4:00 PM
Fashion Clothings [5]

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    Item No.: D501
    Material: Chiffon
    Stretchable. Have inner piece.
    Colour: Black
    Size: (Full Length: 126cm, Chest: 66-86cm, Waist:52-70cm)
    Price: $18.90

    Item No.: D502
    Material: Georgette (水晶麻)
    Colour: Blue
    Flexibility: Strong
    Size: (Length: 83cm, Chest: 92cm, Sleeve: 43cm)
    Price: $18.90

    Item No.: T501
    Material: Brushed Cotton
    Colour: Black
    No Inner Piece.
    Size: (Full Length: 69cm, Chest: 78-105cm)
    Price: $17.90

    Item No.: T502 (SOLD)
    Material: Cotton
    Colour: Brown
    Size: (Full Length: 59cm, Sleeve: 54cm, Chest: 104cm)
    Price: $18.90

    Item No.: T503
    Material: Cotton
    No Inner Piece. Slightly Stretchable.
    Size: (Full Length: 80cm, Chest: 94cm)
    Price: $17.90

    Item No.: T504 (SOLD)
    Material: Cotton
    Colour: White
    Slightly Stretchable.
    Size: (Full Length: 59cm, Shoulder: 37cm, Sleeve: 58cm, Chest: 82cm)
    Price: $21.90

    Item No.: T505 (SOLD)
    Material: Bright Silk
    Colour: White
    Size: (Full Length: 61cm, Shoulder: 34cm, Shoulder: 46cm, Chest: 94cm)
    Price: $18.50

    Item No.: T506 (SOLD)
    Material: Chiffon
    Colour: Pink
    Stretchable at the hem.
    Size: (Full Length: 59cm, Sleeve: 50cm, Chest: 100cm)
    Price: $17.50

    Item No.: D503
    Material: Cotton
    Colour: Pink
    Slightly Stretchable.
    Size: (Full Length: 70cm, Chest: 64-98cm)
    Price: $18.90

    Item No.: D504
    Inscription: Piece Pants
    Material: Cotton
    Colour: Black
    No Inner Piece. Stretchable.
    Size: (Full Length: 77cm, Chest: 90cm, Sleeve: 57cm, Shoulder: 40cm)
    Price: $18.90

    Item No.: D505
    Material: Chiffon
    Colour: Red
    Slightly Stretchable.
    Size: (Full Length: 78cm, Sleeve: 39cm, Chest: 74-106cm, Waist: 42-104cm)
    Price: $18.50

    Item No.: T507
    Material: Denim
    Slightly Stretchable.
    Size: (Length: 41cm, Shoulder: 34cm, Sleeve: 33cm, Chest: 76cm)
    Price: $17.50

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